Microbiome Symptom Cascade

I just pushed a new page. The model is simple: as the microbiome changes, these changes may cause new symptoms to appear. I have personally seen this cascade in people around me. This page uses symptoms sets entered by users to give rough estimates of what may be occurring next. In some cases, seeing the future may encourage pre-emptive actions today.


The process is simple, pick an initial symptom in the drop down.

For the symptoms below, just click the one that you have also. This will build up a list symptoms and a qualified list of predictions.

You can change any selected items… in some cases, it may result in nothing being shown.

You can reset to the top one only, or modify what is shown (more or less)

Click Reset to return to just one symptom.

Digging down to the bacteria pattern

As you build up a collection of symptoms, you can quickly determine if there is a bacteria pattern associated. There is nothing gained from adding a 100% item to it…. it means that everyone is the subset has those symptoms so it is redundant. You want to add items that are less then 100%, ideally a symptom you have with the lowest probability.

This transfers your selection across to the page that does statistical analysis on the associated bacteria, as shown below

Accuracy of Prediction depends on YOUR Symptoms being added!

I know there is a “bias” in the data because we do not have an ideal population of samples and symptoms to work from. This page uses what we have, I believe the prediction is better than what a typical medical professional would suggest.

It can be made better by people adding more microbiomes and associated symptoms to the database. This is Citizen Science.