Microbiome – Suggestions

This is the third post dealing with my latest microbiome results. The prior two were:

The results of the above review put my focus on three items

  • Reducing bacteria associated with high blood pressure
  • Reducing bacteria associated with BMI/obesity
  • Increasing Bifidobacterium — which largely disappeared with the last CFS/ME flare.


Quick Suggestions

If I was new to the microbiome or not sure what to do, I would have gone with Quick Suggestions. This restrict the changes to Dr. Jason Hawrelak Recommendations; based on his work and used with permission. See this post for more information.

The suggestions are below. Many of which I am already doing.

All items to avoid was down at 0.261 or less, so I excluded them

The high priority probiotics are below

Based on foods containing desired flavonoids

Targeted Suggestions

Target suggestions means hand picking the bacteria and then getting the suggestions based on that specific subset.

Obesity – Medical Literature

Where you find this

This is easy to do, just go to the page and check (under include) the items and then click [Create a custom suggestion profile…] button

I now do the same for high blood pressure. I am not surprised to see only one item because I have been using supplements shown to reduce blood pressure for a few months (see Hypertension – What we know)

Last item was Bifidobacterium … I do not need to do anything because it is included in the lists above.

Getting Custom Suggestions

Once you have hand picked items, a new drop down appears as shown below.

You can review what is in the hand picked suggestions, your values and the values seen from others.

With Quick suggestions, the items below were pre-selected. You can modify them as you wish

Hand Picked Suggestions

The suggestions are generally similar but a few new items appear and the weight of some items have moved up or down.

What is different is that some items were above 0.4 in the avoid list:

Some of these items I am/was taking

The list of probiotics changed significantly

Notice the addition of specific Bifidobacterium probiotics

Flavonoid Foods are similar but cinnamon, nutmeg, and oregano are gone.

The list of Flavonoids is much larger and contain several supplements.

Bottom Line

I will be working off the handpicked taxa suggestions because they are more likely to be effective for my three goals.

The more focused (the fewer the goals, the better the suggestions should be because there is less noise).

Barley porridge with soy or almond milk and walnuts will likely be my standard breakfast for a few months. I have ordered B. Longum and B. Infantis from CustomProbiotics which is by far the cheapest BCFU per $, but IMHO also superior because it is pure with no additives or other species. For other sources see this post – remember to cost out BCFU per $, you may get some wallet shocks!