Allergic Contact Dermatitis and the microbiome

A reader wrote:

Please could you write further on Allergic Contact Dermatitis and the microbiome? I am convinced there is a clear connection there, and note one article you reference above specifically supporting the same also. Would be very interested in your holistic take on the same, as you have done with POTS and MCAS.

My approach is always to try to keep to the gold standard, studies on PubMed.

Bottom Line

At first look, it looks like medical professionals dealing with Allergic Contact Dermatitis and similar conditions, do not want to deal with the gut microbiome. I call this the “It’s not in my wheelhouse” or “I want to keep into my thin silo” syndrome. There is a nasty situation created by excessive specialization of medicine and medical research.

I hate to say it, but the fastest way forward (and to get relief) may be doing citizen science via This depends on people with Allergic Contact Dermatitis getting appropriate 16s tests (see suitable providers here as well as which ones are most popular here). The site will automatically show relationships once we get 20 or more annotated samples uploaded.

I have added these to the symptom list on the site.

  • Official Diagnosis: Allergic Contact Dermatitis
  • Official Diagnosis: Dermatitis (all types)