The almost magical probiotic: Mutaflor…

This is the only E.Coli probiotic that is commercially available. It is no longer available in the US because it is deemed a DRUG by the FDA. It is available in Canada and within the EU from various sources (often in Germany where it is produced). See for countries where it is sold. It has been reported that there is no difficulty bring it into the US for personal use when you physically visit Canada — just tell Customs,  “I purchased some probiotics” and you will be waved through. The Canadian Sellers will not ship to the US, so you would need to have a Canadian friend to receive it and then forward it with appropriate customs declarations See their Facepage discussion for more information,

The expense of mutaflor can be hard for some CFS patients. Dr. Myhill site includes instructions on how to grow mutaflor (just like a yogurt!). I would suggest people practice growing yogurts first to master this art.

Mutaflor has been used for many conditions. For CFS patients, several presentations at CFS conferences have reported that E.Coli population is very low in CFS patients, < 50% of controls. E.Coli produces NADH that is a precursor to Niacin (if you have niacin flushes, you are likely low on E.Coli). Niacin is a natural vascular dilator (keeps blood vessel wide/open), so its absence can result in reduced blood flow and brain fog.