CFS Low Blood Pressure, High Blood pressure and gut bacteria

This week’s Economist had another article dealing with the microbiome (gut bacteria, microflora), “Sniffing out hypertension Gut bacteria help regulate blood pressure“. A major drop in blood pressure (often with dizziness and other symptoms) is common in CFS – but the mechanism for this happening has been unclear. On the other side, there is an increasing problem with high blood pressure in society.
There are two proteins that may be produced Olfr78, and Gpr41. The presence (or absence) impacts how the body responded to metabolites produced by the microbione.

  • ” in normal, healthy mice propionic acid regulates this process, causing blood pressure to drop.”
  • “the blood pressure of those in which Olfr78 had been reduced, dropped more than it did in normal mice.”
  • “reducing Gpr41, by contrast, blood pressure did not fall at all.”
  • “she treated some mice with an antibiotic, to kill off their gut bacteria. Mice so treated that had no gene for Olfr78 showed a significant rise in blood pressure. Those that were genetically normal did not.”

While this does not confirm the role of gut bacteria dysfunction in CFS causing low blood pressure and other symptoms — it does suggest that this may be a viable mechanism.