How vaccines can cause Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – a Model

I saw this in the news today:
The vaccine known as hepatitis B has been ruled by a United States Court of Federal Claims that “a dose of the hepatitis B vaccination caused [a patient] to develop chronic fatigue syndrome.”  Article

This type of claim has been asserted many times and view skeptically by many (including me, once upon a time).

How do vaccine work? Usually they provoke a minor version of the disease or a close relative (for example, one of the first vaccines used cow-pox to protect from smallpox).  This is now it happens… whether you have a mild form or a severe form, the infection causes some alteration of the microbiota. If the microbiota returns to its prior state, there is no problems. If the microbiota does not return but stays in it’s altered state then we slide into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  It is that simple!!!

Should you avoid vaccines? In general, vaccines are good for the general population and result in a significant benefit from having less deaths and illnesses. I went to school and later taught with someone that had Polio as a child and apparently recovered fully. She later was confined to a wheelchair (a too common occurrence with those that recovered from polio as a child).  Would I tell anyone not to get a Polio shot?  Absolutely not, unless there is autoimmune in the person’s  blood relatives. If there are, then I would say avoid it — the risks are significantly higher for problems.

This is the conclusion of a 2005 study:
In genetically susceptible individuals or together with some other triggers such combination might confer the risk of developing a continuous autoimmune response in an individual. Anti-phospholipid antibodies following vaccination with recombinant hepatitis B vaccine.

NOTE:  a variation of anti-phospholipid syndrome (Hughes Syndrome) is what Dave Berg (Hemex) described the coagulation issues he saw in CFS patients.

One recent study is interesting:

Transiently or persistently increased levels of autoantibodies or appearance of new autoantibodies was demonstrated in up to 15% of apparently healthy adults after the influenza vaccination.

Microbiota tend to be inherited in families, thus the presence of autoimmune in blood relatives implies (but does not prove) a greater risk of the microbiota not returning to normal.

So, do I believe that vaccine can cause CFS — yes, because there is both a model to explain how and published studies describing the the appropriate changes do occur.