Kisses, Sex and FM/CFS/IBS

I have suggested to a few people that they should start hanging out at bars etc. The goal is to get bacteria transplants by deep french kisses with as many healthy strong young people as possible. According to the microbiome model this may result in two things happening:

  • You get cure
  • Another FM/CFS/IBS patient is created
    • Since most patients are females, the odds of a male getting it is very low…

Now for the science!

A 10 second “intimate kiss” transfers transfers 80 million bacteria, according to this recent research [LA Times] [Article]. So to get 1 BFCU, we need 12 of them (2 minutes of intense kissing!). If it does not cure you, at least you will have some fun! ­čśë

  • “it has been estimated that the oral cavity of western adults harbors approximately 700 different, mostly anaerobic, species of bacteria”[2014].

Interesting questions have been asked in recent literature….

  • “In India, there is a tradition since time immemorial that immediately after birth, the newborn is not allowed to suck the mother’s breast or any other hospital beverage, but the family will choose a most respected and legendary woman to put honey on her index finger and put in the mouth of the newborn, so that the baby can suck the sweetened finger. Only after this tradition, baby can take any other fluid or mother’s milk. It is believed that the baby will develop the same personality and health parameters as of this woman. It is also believed that this tradition was used as blessing to the baby. No validation studies have been done, but in the present era of the microbiome, with advances in gene sequencing and associated bioinformatics, a lot of data are being generated….However, there is no study in the literature which shows that using the same spoon or glass, how many bacteria or viruses can transmit from one partner to another in one act, and how much time it will take to equalize the microbiota in the mouth cavity of both husband and wife, if at all, it equalizes. Furthermore, it remains to be studied; that equalization of microbiota in the mouth cavity has any association with the longevity of marriages. ” [2015]
  • Connubial ecthyma gangrenosum in a healthy couple: a consort counterpart of a “kissing ulcer”[2015].
  • “Sex and intimate behavior seem to be increasingly described as triggers of allergic reactions, although the pertaining literature is represented mostly by case reports. Kissing has been described as a risk factor for food- and drug-induced severe reactions.” [2007]
  • “Following primary infection, the virus is found in saliva for weeks and chronic shedding participates in transmitting the infection from person to person through intimate kissing contact. EBV causes infectious mononucleosis, l” [1999]

Sexual Contact?

The reason that I started this post was reading ┬á“Is Lyme Disease Contagious? Clues Hint That It May Be A Sexually Transmitted Disease“. The result does not surprise me, that CFS/FM/IBS are communicable diseases have long been suspected — just at a low rate requiring prolonged exposure. Specialists dealing with these conditions appear to have┬áa statistically significant higher rate of getting these conditions than would be expected.

Was it sex or was it an intimate kiss before sex? The above study failed to control for that difference.

  • “There also is evidence linking several infectious agents with CFS, although no [single] agent has been proven to be a cause of the illness. Most of the infectious agents that have been linked to CFS are able to produce a persistent, often life-long, infection and thus are a constant incitement to the immune system.” [2011]

The problem is that there have been no studies on the incidence of husbands of CFS wives coming down with one of these conditions. The incidence will be low, because males have a low incidence compared to females for all of these conditions, thus it will not jump out in a clinical setting but requires statistical analysis.

The official view is that none of these are communicable — yet I have yet to see a single study validating this official belief. Husband-wife statistical analysis is required for a┬álow communicable ┬ádisease┬á which is what I believe that these conditions are. This is almost illogical because chronic EBV is one suspected cause and it is communicable.

Bottom Line

I suspect we will not see MDs writing prescriptions to “Snog 4 times a day with different people”. IMHO, these are low communicable conditions with a strong bias for the female sex.