Quasi-probiotics: Killed E.Coli Laves 1931

The strain used was discovered around 1931 by Prof. Dr. Ernst Laves. The company is still owned by the Laves and based in Germany.

“Colibiogen® is a cell- and protein-free preparation obtained from the metabolic products of the Escherichia coli strain Laves. Colibiogen® is a mucous membrane therapeutic with anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory effects. The site of action is the mucosa as immunological unit.

As it contains no living organisms, it is not a means of symbiotic control and therefore not used for direct build-up of the bacterial flora of the intestine.” [From Site]

“Colibiogen® oral and Synerga® are identical in terms of concentration and active ingredient: They contain the highly purified metabolites of Escherichia coli strain Laves. However, Synerga® is free of any aroma additives and therefore particularly suitable for patients with allergic problems (citrus fruits), while Colibiogen® additionally contains natural orange flavour. (Colibiogen inject naturally contains no flavourings, because it is intended for injection!)” [faq]


  • “The use of E. coli lysate is effective in the amelioration of murine colitis.” [2003]
  • “These results suggest a positive benefit-risk ratio of the additional application of lysed E. coli, Laves strain Extract to 5-FU in the treatment of advanced colorectal cancer” [2001]
  • “A pharmaceutical containing lysed cells of this strain initially isolated from human faeces, is commercially available (Colibiogen®; Laves-Arzneimittel GmbH, Schötz, Switzerland) for the treatment of intestinal inflammations, but its capacity to inhibit Salmonella has never been tested before. Genome sequencing analysis of E. coli L1000 (study name) was performed to identify the putative bacteriocin produced by this strain…E. coli L1000, a natural strain carrying the mcb-operon for microcin B17-production, inhibited a majority of tested Salmonella isolates (94%), as well as E. coli O157:H7 and Sh. sonnei. ” [2009] – it works against bad E.coli

Bottom Line

This will not result in E.Coli growth, however it may deliver some of the benefits of E.Coli  and can be taken with any probiotic. It should help to shift the balance (in theory).

Looking forward to feedback from anyone that tries it.