Rerum – old snake oil with a new name?

Rerum is another product that was developed by the same person that created Bravo probiotics, Marco Ruggiero MD. PhD. This is even more expensive


This person has been the subject of inquiries over some of his unorthodox ideas.


“In the video below (which opens in a new tab), Dr Marco first dismantles the Goleic hypothesis one piece at a time, and then he re-assembles the evidence to reveal a whole new picture, culminating in a new product, called RerumPerhaps the biggest shock, is that it contains NO GcMAF AT ALL! As you will see, the remarkable results originally attributed to GcMAF turn out to be due to the other ingredients in the Goleic protocol.  Firstly the Goleic contains Oleic Acid, originally discovered in olive oil.  This is a known anti-tumor factor.  Then there is the high dose vitamin D3 and thirdly there it the Bravo Yoghurt, which contains significant levels of Chondroitin Sulphate.” from

I am very much in favor of taking Vitamin D, Oleic acid — just not paying $600 for 3ml!

“Prof Ruggiero has written several papers on the efficacy of gcmaf, alongside his wife Stefania Pacini, and other employees of First Immune including David Noakes.  He was one of the founders of the cancer clinic in Laucerne, Switzerland, that was closed by the authorities for not having the correct permits.  The authorities became aware of this clinic after 5 people with terminal cancer died there.  They did not take any notice of the 85% of terminal cancer cases that showed improvement.  He was with the company as the laboratory and production facility in the UK was raided and closed down. ”

Bottom Line

This has the appearance of all hype with no evidence. He appears to have been forced to leave Italy, Switzerland, England and appears to be based in Arizona at the moment.