Autoimmune = DNA + Microbiome?

I started this post planning to look at diabetes and I had so many hits on microbiome and other autoimmune disease included that I thought that I would move to the full topic.

My word of warning is simple: once the microbiome (gut bacteria) gets shifted out of normal (like with CFS/FM/IBS etc), the odds are significant that the shift could continue to worsen (and depending on you DNA) results in additional and more severe autoimmune diseases.


There are some 440+ articles on PubMed finding that some DNA SNPs are associated with diabetes (and other autoimmune conditions). The same appears to apply to almost all autoimmune diseases.

Other diseases (sample)

Bottom Line

There are several points that I want to make:

  • The hope of fixing your DNA is in the remote future at best; the ability to alter your microbiome — while still primitive — exists now.
  • The number of DNA SNPs involved and the number of bacteria species and strains are so huge that there is no simple ‘cookbook recipe’. The recipe is to experiment with the “spices and the yogurts in the kitchen” until you find that perfect recipe!

Doing nothing risks moving onto worst autoimmune conditions. Not only worst in terms of symptoms — but also worst in terms of the difficulty to make the microbiome right!