Your mouth can trigger flares

The microbiome includes the mouth — and the bacteria in the mouth can repopulate the gut with bad bacteria. I have done several posts on the important of oral health. Today, a reader sent his experience using one of my suggestions: mastic gum. It is a interesting account:

“Hello Ken,

I’ve been taking your recommendation of chewing and swallowing mastic gum and to my amazement I seem to be getting my appetite back. It’s like the feeling of an empty stomach is back for me after 2 years. What else I discovered from chewing mastic gum was that is also seemed to have triggered my cfs symptoms again in an erratic way.


Now while this may seem paradoxical, I’ve looked into this further and found that the times when chewing gum made my cfs worse was specifically when I used the gum right against my back wisdom tooth which has significant decay under it. It seems like whenever I chew my gum anywhere else my energy and willpower stay constant, while if I chew the mastic gum over my wisdom tooth I have my energy diminish. I’ve trialed this multiple times, and am doing so right now as well. I can chew the mastic gum anywhere over my mouth and still feel fine, but when it gets into hard contact with my decaying wisdom tooth, my cfs symptoms re-emerge.


This is a critical piece of the puzzle for me, as I now know the amalgam likely created the environment for the infectious bacteria to flourish in my mouth, and now with the amalgam gone, the bacteria no longer stay thriving as they once used to, but they are still there lurking, and certain triggers may be able to bring them back into a larger presence within my microbiome.


As my decaying wisdom tooth is on the same side my amalgam once was. I believe I got 100% of the old amalgam out on my second dental visit, along with the tooth being cleared out. However the surrounding teeth are still likely to be suspect, and my experience with mastic gum proves it.”


For myself, mastic gum caused ‘night-time dry mouth’ to disappear.

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Bottom Line

“Your mileage may vary” – that is. different results from above may occur for different people.  I usually chew mastic gum with a little myrrh  and frankincense (boswellia sap) — the latter two are an ‘acquired taste’.