Decreasing Alistipes genus

In my last post, the reader was high in the Alistipes genus.  Ian Lipkin et. al [2017] study  [Index to all posts on Study] found a strain of this was low in this study, and I did a post on  Increasing one specific strain of Alistipes. Remember that CFS is determined from having a few of a list of symptoms. In my model, symptoms are caused by shifts of bacteria. Different shifts, different symptom sets.

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There are just 100 pub med articles in total on Alistipes.

  • Symptoms: “Most notably, the major depressive disorder groups had increased levels of Enterobacteriaceae and Alistipes but reduced levels of Faecalibacterium.” [2015]
  • Probiotics:
    • “The findings show that the six species of Bifidobacterium differed in their ability to relieve constipation. B. longum, B. infantis and B. bifidum were the most effective in relieving constipation, B. adolescentis and B. breve were partially effective and B. animalis was not effective. Furthermore, edible Bifidobacterium treated constipation by increasing the abundance of Lactobacillus and decreasing the abundance of Alistipes, Odoribacter and Clostridium. .” [2017]
    • ” the relative abundance of Alistipes, Odoribacter, Ruminococcus, Blautia and Desulfovibrio were higher … In the caeca of broilers fed with B. subtilis ” [2016]
    • “Fecal Alistipes sp., Clostridium sp., Roseospira sp., beta proteobacterium were decreased and Bifidobacterium was increased after supplementing with B. subtilis natto. ” [2014]
  • Antibiotics:
    • “At the genus level, there were declines in Christensenella, Gordonibacter and Anaerotruncus in the florfenicol group, in Lactobacillus in the azithromycin group, and in Alistipes, Desulfovibrio, Parasutterella and Rikenella in both the antibiotic groups. ” [2017] – Note: zithro decrease lactobacillus
    • “In general, the community changes induced by the three β-lactam antibiotics showed consistency in inhibiting Papillibacter, Prevotella and Alistipes while inducing massive growth of Clostridium.” [2015]
  • “At the genus level, oligosaccharide treatment increased the levels of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium and decreased the levels of Odoribacter, Alistipes and Bacteroides” [2017]

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