Decreasing Adlercreutzia genus

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PubMed Data

There are about 18+ studies on PubMed.

  • Disease:
    • “primary sclerosing … was further characterized by decreased abundance of Adlercreutzia equolifaciens” [2017]
    • “In Multiple sclerosis … lower  abundance of Parabacteroides, Adlercreutzia …” [20162016]
    • Adlercreutzia, Anaerococcus, Ethanoligenens, Gordonibacter, Lactococcus, Parasutterella, and Tissierellawere greatly reduced in prediabetic (Pre-DM) subjects,  compared with healthy subject” [2015]
  • Food:
    • AdlercreutziaOdoribacter, and Coprococcus were significantly more abundant in group feed microcrystalline cellulose” [2017]
    • ” Gut microbiota was characterized by increased levels of Adlercreutzia, .. within 1 day of acute cold exposure” [2016]
    • “A high-saturated fat diet seems to increase counts of total anaerobic microflora and the relative abundance of Bacteroides and Bilophila. Human studies have not reported that a high-unsaturated fat diet significantly alters the gut bacterial profile; however, mouse studies have reported increases in Actinobacteria(Bifidobacterium and Adlercreutzia), …. Adlercreutzia …were increased in fish-oil-fed mice. ” [2017]
  • Probiotics:
    • “revealed there was significantly lower Helicobacter apodemus, Helicobacter mesocricetorum, Allobaculum stercoricanis and Adlercreutzia equolifaciens following both interventions (L. casei Zhang or vitamin K2)” [2017]

Bottom Line


  • Getting Cold


  • Vitamin K2
  • Lactobacillus Casei