Change of formula for Prescript Assist

NOTICE: THIS POST HAS BEEN ALTERED DUE TO THREAT OF LEGAL ACTION. See communications received in comments.

There has been a change of formula for Prescript Assist.  This makes the existing documentation on the benefit of Prescript Assist for IBS questionable.

Prior Page with links to studies.

  • Over half of the prior species have been removed
  • The number of Firmicutes has increased significantly
    • If you have a Firmicutes to Bacteroidetes ratio < 1.6:1 on a uBiome test, it may be of benefit
    • If you have a Firmicutes to Bacteroidetes ratio > 2.5:1 on a uBiome test, it may make things worse

Old Formula


New Formula



From original post with documentation links to benefits

Only in New

Bottom Line

Revised: There are at this point of time there are not studies on PubMed dealing with the ingredients listed on the current bottles of this product.