End Products Analysis is now in Beta

Bacteria produce end-products such as B12, Biotin, Butyrate etc. I have done a naive count of the number of bacteria in your ubiome that produces each and create a report from it. This is not perfect:

  • different bacteria are more or less efficient in production
  • this is based on available data. Some bacteria are hard to cultured and remain mysteries.
  • This is one side of the equation — if your are a low B12 producer AND low in bacteria consuming B12 then you may have normal B12 in lab results

This will work for uBiome and Thryve uploads. It is strictly experimental.

Some answers to readers questions are in this followup post.

Then you logon, you will see a new column on the sample page.


Clicking on this will take you to the new report. The Average was calculated from the 45 people that uploaded and reported no health issues. I will periodically recalculate these.



Purely experimental

We see that this person may benefit from Vitamin B12 and Niacin, but does not need Riboflavin or Folate — A B-100 supplement may be a poor choice for them.

They are low in Acetylcholine — a neurotransmitter. This may account for some cognitive issues.

I will leave people to explore and add comments of any discoveries they make on this page! I would suggest focusing on the EXTREME values — there is a lot of natural variations.

Site again is: https://microbiomeprescription.azurewebsites.net