Potentiators: Often the difference between success and failure

In dealing with ME/CFS I came across a group of supplements/drugs that I continue to use. The main reasons are:

  • They are biofilm breakers, thus weaken the defenses of some bacteria
  • Blood thinners of diverse mechanisms – I deal with a Prothrombin 20210 A/G defect (85+% of ME/CFS patients are believed to have coagulation defects – often due to epigenetics)
  • They make antibiotics more effective because a much (up to 10x ) higher amount of the antibiotics makes it into tissue.
  • Last, it reduces my risk of blood clots; remove much of blood vessel fibrin deposits that reduce the amount of oxygen you receive.

This is a short summary of my main ones with their literature.


This in an enzyme derived from silk worms. It is produced for the silkworm to escape it cocoon. It is effective against some types of coagulation.



This is an enzyme that exhibits strong fibrinolytic activity. Natto is a kind of fermented soy bean-cheese used in Japan. This characteristic is not from the soy but the fermentation (produced from Bacillus subtilis Natto).


This is strong fibrinolytic enzyme was readily obtained in saline extracts of the earthworm.

  • digested fibrinogen and inhibited platelet adhesion [1991]
  • fibrinogen decreased significantly. Inhibition of intrinsic coagulation pathway and the activation of fibrinolysis via an increase of t-PA activity.  [2000]


This is an extract from pineapple stem.

Bottom Line

These should not be taken continuously.

Warning 1:Most are anticoagulants which means that the risk of easy bruising and failure of the blood to clot is high.

Warning 2: With antibiotics, they can change a minor herx into needing to crawl on the floor herx. With 10x the concentration, you are effectively increasing the antibiotic dosage 10x!

Appropriate dosage and duration should be done in consultation with your medical professional.