Nattokinase – Update for ME/CFS and Long COVID

This post was kick-started by a post to a study on a Spanish ME/CFS site shown below

This is extra relevant because Nattokinase is one of my personal favorite tools for dealing with hypo-perfusion (low oxygen to the brain), something that I have experienced during ME/CFS flares. It is also the subject of my last post. I have cited Nattokinase in prior posts, some 9 years ago, and it seems time to update what we know.

So what more has been added to our knowledge base. Nattokinase comes from Bacillus Subtilis Natto. This strain has been traditionally used in a Japanese dessert called “Natto” which you can buy is some Asian shops – it is a bit of an acquired taste (but I like it)

What Natto looks like in stores. This is a living bacteria.

Putting it together

Nattokinase seems to treat many conditions associated with western diet. The next question is simple, what are dosages used in studies?

Usually 100 mg = 2000 FU on most commercial products, so the range in trials is 1-7 100mg capsules per day.