A solution to some probiotic challenges

A friend  has very high Anaerostipes and Clostridium genus. If you look at my posts on these:

You will see that Inulin and other common prebiotics encourages their growth.

The following probiotics reduces them:

  •  Lactobacillus paracasei
  • Streptocuccus thermophilus

I went to find such and found that all of the usual commercial ones included inulin or similar 😦 A nasty dilemma!

A friend referred me to Custom Biotics, and after an email exchange they confirmed that these were 100% probiotics (at 400 BFCU per gram!!) without these prebiotics.


Price wise: 400 BCFU x 50 gm = 20,000 BCFU for $115 or 11500/20000 =  1/2 cent per BCFU which is 1/10 of the cost most commercial probiotis, see this post for price comparison.

While there may be ‘sticker shock’ at the price per bottle — it is CHEAP per BCFU if you know the specific probiotic you want.

I was also very glad to receive information on the strains