uBiome Results #6 The Genus Level

This is the lowest level usually reported by uBiome. At the Family level we had 52 families in the results. At the Genus level we have 128 Genus. Below the Genus level is the Species level. Below the Species level is the Strain level. A Strain level report will likely have over 2000 strains (if it was possible to identify all of the strains).

As with the prior post, I use some thumbnail algorithms to group items into groups. The complete data is available at the bottom for people to do their own analysis.


Genus being skipped

Criteria: 5 or more (or 50+%) in mid range (60%-160%) OR a middle value inside of this range (60%-160%) with at least 10 results. Some are not on Wikipedia

Major Shift Genus

Criteria: Middle Value below 40% And less than 4 in the middle range with at least 9 results (i.e. < 40%)

The Noisy Genus

The rest of the Genus are difficult to  interpret. As before, I ascribed them as meaningless or connected with specific symptoms (but we do not have enough samples to dig into that).


We have 20 Genus of 128 reported with severely low numbers for what appear to be common Genus. What is actually surprising is that there are no consistent pattern of high values for any Genus, just low or normal. 

The treatment issue is how to increase these 20 Genus when most are not available as probiotics.


PDF: genus